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Preflight Preparation

Preflight preparation is the process of collecting, updating and sending files or applications to a printer for production. Preflight preparation uncovers missing data or fonts, misplaced illustrations, trapping errors, incorrect sizing and other important details.

1) Submitting your artwork as a “print-ready” PDF file is preferred (MAC or PC). 2) Convert fonts to outlines. 3) 150 DPI for raster images at final size is ideal. 4) Remove strokes and outlines around the art. 5) Remove crop and bleed marks. 6) Bleeds are needed for two sided images with artwork to the edge. 7) Send art to final output size. (Scale graphics too large for AI or Photoshop 50%, 25%, etc.)

Include hard copies of the illustrations for exact color matching, images and photographs . Label each graphic and make sure all files are uncompressed. Avoid using GIF, WMF, BMP and PICT formats in files sent to your printer.

CMYK: a four-color process using a percentage value of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

RGB: a three-color process using values of the additive colors red, green and blue, producing visible light.

SPOT: a one-color process using percentages of full color and the tinting, screening or shading of additive colors.

This website can be used for large files and graphics (Send a File). Sending files via the Internet as e-mail attachments is another alternative(Drop Box). Compressing the files first will speed up the transmission.